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I had not bitten by mosquito once during my 10-day trip and I was often outdoors! On top of that, I'd get bitten inside my rooms. Anyway, I also applied this product on my son's sensitive skin and he never had any reactions

- Rima Sharma

I just wanted to let you know I was at the cricket all day Friday and all day Saturday, and that my bug off meant I didn't get the slightest bit of burn

- Gourav Shukla

We have just returned from a trip to Nepal which included a 4 night stay in a jungle lodge, we used your products and did not receive a single bite !Keep up the great work in an effort to keep travellers bite free and ethically content !!!!


I have used your products during extensive travel in Africa. I have found the so effective that I am thinking of using it all the time, not just for tropical trips, and all the products in the range are superb.

- Robert

I purchased your product at the Destinations Show in January prior to visiting Kerala. I have just returned without one mosquito bite! It is the only mosquito repellent that really works. Wonderful stuff, many thanks.

- Tarun